“Incarnation” by Artist Shyama Golden.

Los Angeles-based artist Shyama Golden states her first true love is art with the 2020 Book, We Are Here, Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World, by Jasmin Hernandez, and the 2019 Book: DesignHers, A Celebration of Women in Design Today, by Victionary it’s clear to see how passion getting stronger and stronger.

Golden’s work has been featured on covers for The New York Times, LA Times, and Netflix Queue as well as various book covers such as Shruti Swamy’s Archer, Fatimah Asghar’s If They Come for Us, and Akweke Emezi’s PET and BITTER and in films such as LITTLE, Fletch, and Boxing Day. I have exhibited my paintings at Jeffrey Deitch Gallery NYC, as well as LA, Friends Indeed Gallery in SF, and Trotter & Sholer in NYC.

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